Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Rainbow

Vini on her birthday.
We all know the story behind the rainbow.
After God flooded the earth, the rainbow became God's promise to man.

"So God blessed Noah and his family. He told them to have many children and fill the earth with people again. He gave them the plants and the animals for food.

And then God said to Noah, "Look up in the sky."

Noah looked up. The storm clouds were drifting away, the bright sun was shining against Noah's back. And against the dark grey sky, God made a brilliant rainbow appear. God said to Noah,

“You see, I have set my rainbow in the sky. This will be the sign of the covenant I have made with you and all creatures, never again to destroy the earth by a flood. It will always remind us of the promise between you and me."

Commonly people refer to a new baby after the loss of a child, as a "Rainbow Baby". It is God's promise to a grieving family. His promise? Im not sure. I have had Davinity refered to as a Rainbow baby several times since Davids passing. Im not really sure what promise is behind it, but I get it.

Maybe its a promise that never again will your arms be empty. Maybe its a promise that "life can go on" after such a terrible loss. I have heard "Its a promise that God will never again take a child from you". I dont believe that one. To many parents suffer the loss of multiple children, so I dont believe that is the promise.

Maybe, its something different to each family.

I feel that Davinity is my promise, that healing will come. I know her sweet face will NEVER replace my David, but I get to enjoy in her what I missed with him. She will fill time in an empty routine, fill space in aching arms, place a smile where a frown would normally be.

Tony makes me smile, he makes me happy and helps me heal too. He, however is doing things already that David never did. We never got to see David walk, talk, play with other children independantly, feed himself etc. We will get to relive these things in Davinity.

I wrote this post a while ago, and never posted it. I dont remember what I disliked about it, but I like it now.

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